Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I want to say a huge, THANK YOU to Sarah from Romantic History! She was so generous to send me—free of charge—a beautiful springtime peasant blouse. Please visit her blog and see a picture of it and the other wonderful things that she has!

Since I have been in blog land (something I never thought I would want to do), I have met so many wonderful women—women across the land who have strong desires to teach their children, love their families, and live for what is right. You all boost me up!

And, you’re one of those women, Sarah! Thank you for you generosity!


Emily said...

How wonderful!! :)

And I agree, it has been so great to meet so many kind and like-minded people! Kindred spirits!

Have a beautiful day tomorrow!

Sarah Jane said...

Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. I too am so encouraged by the ladies I've met while blogging. It gives me renewed inspiration for homemaking and child-rearing and spiritual living! I'm glad you enjoy the blouse! :) Thanks for finding me a "home" for it!

Marqueta said...

Hello there!

I just encountered your lovely blog, and I love the time you've taken to find so many pretty pictures to illustrate your posts!

The 14-grain cereal looks like a great idea; we really do need to follow the Word of Wisdom more carefully, don't we? Our daughter has type I diabetes, and we have been convicted that if we follow precisely the W.of W., she (and the rest of us) will be free of this terrible disease. We eat mostly nuts, fruits and vegetables, and soaked, low-heated grains. The sad thing is, how isolated we feel from everyone at church that things we're nuts!



Zebu said...

Kindness begets kindness, Sarah. :0)

Emily, you have a blessed day also. :0)

Marquette, that is a sad thing when fellow LDSers are thinking that you are different when you’re actually doing what we’re supposed to. You’re just further along than they are. ;) I actually got the recipe years ago from a gentleman at church. He had received it from someone whose wife’s life was prolonged 2-1/2 years by eating the 14-grain along with mainly fruits and vegetables. I’m glad you stopped by!