Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I came across a blog (sorry, I don't remember who you were) and liked an entry that she posted. So, here's mine.

What I know will NOT happen this year! :

-I will no longer have children at home :( Wow, am I truly at that
stage of life?
-I will not win the lottery (I don’t play)
-I will not jump out of a plane, hang glide, or go on a roller coaster
-I will not get a dog :(
-I will not be driving a Viper—darn!

Things I think MIGHT happen this year:

-Get another year older (unless the Lord calls me home)
-Publish my planner
-Accomplish something worthwhile
-Get sewing done
-Lots of crafting
-Have an organic garden
-Make a difference in someone's life
-Pay off a bill? Hmmm…
-Become more Christ-like

Monday, December 29, 2008


FOR TODAY December 29, 2008...

Outside my window...Dark, windy, precipitation?

I am thinking...that I'm hungry!

I am thankful great family and son's friend who is staying with us.

From the learning rooms...herbs and natural remedies.

From the kitchen...neffla soup...Mmmm

I am old (25-year-old) robe.

I am creating...a blue and orange afghan.

I am make homemade laundry detergent with my daughter tomorrow.

I am reading...Proverbs.

I am hoping...that our family meeting this week goes well. It's a new year, and there are going to be new rules.

I am hearing..."Still love you" by The Pearsons.

Around the house...vacuuming and laundry to do--more soup to make.

One of my favorite fluffy kitties.

A few plans for the rest of the week:work and crafting.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...I love the old homemaker's weekle schedule.

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Does anyone have a homemade recipe for a good face cream? I am prone to acne, so it would need to be noncomedogenic.


Someone had asked me for my neffla soup recipe a week or two ago. As I was making it last night, I realized that I had given wrong information on the nefflas—oops. It is as follows:


1 egg
¼ cup water
Salt to taste
Flour—enough to make a ball that comes away from the sides of bowl when mixed.

Beat egg, add water and beat. Add salt then mix in flour a bit at a time.

I always double the recipe.

Yesterday, I made a huge pot, and even double wasn’t enough, so I’ll be making more to add to the soup tomorrow.

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Please go to A Joyful Handmaiden for a chance to win a great apron and view her Etsy shop!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Outside my dark with beautiful white snow on the ground.

I am thinking...that Christmas Eve is only two days away!

I am thankful family and a good job.

From the learning rooms...The scriptures and other such writings teaching me how necessary it is to have charity.

From the kitchen...Tomorrow will be homemade split pea soup--Yummy on a cold day!

I am long flannel nightgown.

I am creating...valentine cards and soaps.

I am stay home tomorrow!

I am reading...(just finished) The Duggar Family, 20 and Counting. What a wonderful book! I recommend it to everyone. I received it in the mail last week, finished it in two or three evenings and passed it on to DD tonight. What a Christ-like family they are.

I am come up with enough money to pay this month's bills, DS's birthday, Christmas! :?)

I am husband snoring.

Around the house...all are in their respective rooms.

One of my favorite comfy bed. ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week:Family for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Work on Friday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...L O V E

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


DISCLAIMER: Long long ago, so very long ago, when our wee ones were small, we debated and debated upon whether or not we should tell our children about Santa Clause. Well, a difficult debate it was. For, as a child, I had believed in Santa Claus and then was oh so disappointed when, at five years old, my gramma told me the truth that no such being existed; my heart was crushed. I didn’t want my own children to have to face the same thing. Well, Hubby wanted to keep the tradition that he too had grown up with, and I had indeed enjoyed the anticipation of Christmas morning and the surprises that awaited. So, alas, we included in our holiday celebrations, the thought of St. Nick. Yet, all the while, Jesus’ birth has been and is the true and real reason that we celebrate, and He is who we try to keep at the center of our Christmas observances.

That being said, each year, we would go to our local mall or drug store and get our Santa pictures. I retrieved these all from storage yesterday to display. Many memories come flooding back as I see my little people.

Here are a couple of pictures from my birthday that DH took.

Aunt Tia holding baby Christian...Gramma/Mom talking to Chanielle...

Little Adrien helping me read a birthday card…

The boys helping to blow out candles…

The ingenous LOVE pictures that DD put together for me using the little boys’ shapes to spell the word…

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I saw this on Sarah Jane's blog, Romantic History. You certainly don't have to read it, but I like doing them, so here it is...

100 Truth's!

Last beverage: Diet Coke.
Last phone call: To my daughter to ask what size shoes the boys wear. We were hunting for shoes and traipsing all over town TRYING to find them little suits for church. No one carries them anymore, it hardly seems.
Last instant message: A long time ago. We all just text now.
Last song you listened to: A song from a musical DH and I were watching tonight (don’t know the name.)
Last time you cried: Last month—quite emotional and feeling hurt—that time of the month. :/
Last text message: From my dear brother asking what to get our dear parents for Christmas-They have everything they could want…sigh.


Dated someone twice? In a row or with periods in between? Yes, and No.
Been cheated on? Hmmm…not sure (dating days were a long time ago.)
Kissed someone & regretted it? Definitely.
Lost someone special? Yes, besides people, my dear German Shepherds, whom I loved dearly.

LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: Black, blue, and silver.


Fallen out of love? No.
Laughed until you cried? No, darn! Love when that happens!
Met someone who changed your life? Oh yes; I quite often meet very wonderful people who touch my life but for a brief moment but make a lasting impact on me. I count those as blessings from Heavenly Father in my life.
Found out who your true friends were? I already know who they are…my children.
Have you kissed anyone? Of course—can’t go through life without kisses!
What is your favorite flower? Rose.
How many kids do you want to have? We’re done. I wanted a large family. The Lord blessed us with three.
Do you want to change your name? No; my name is unique—never did like being like everyone else.
What did you do for your last birthday? Worked and was then with family. :)
What time did you wake up today? 9:00 (It’s Saturday).
What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping.
Name something you CANNOT wait for? To see my brother!!! I haven’t seen him in a year and a half, and he’ll be home this week!
Last time you saw your father? Three days ago. It’s always wonderful to see my dad.
What's one thing you wish you could change? I’d love to be out of debt.
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? Yes.
What's getting on your nerves right now? Nothing—wow, isn’t that nice! Today, we were at the mall. Now THAT got on my nerves!
What's your real name? Don’t put my real name on the net—kind of silly though, as I put my picture there. :?
Middle Name? See above.
Zodiac sign? Don’t follow it, but it’s Sagittarius.
Hair color? Born blonde; now it’s dark blonde/brown.
Long or short? Long.
Height? 5' 8"
Tattoos? None *shudder* (My sentiments, exactly, Sara Jane)
Righty or lefty? Ambidextrous.


First surgery: Exploratory laparoscopy to see why I wasn’t getting pregnant.
First piercing: Ears at age 13—Mom made me wait until then.
First best friend? Lyndee.
First sport you joined? Softball for one year—not a real sports person.
First pet? Bingo.
First vacation? Grand Canyon—age 2.


Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Diet Coke.
Waiting: For nothing.


Want kids? I have three great ones. You always miss the days when your children were you, though. That’s tough for me sometimes.
Want to get married? I am—for 25 years!
Careers in mind? Have always wanted to be a published author. A prosperous home business would be lovely.


Lips or eyes? Eyes
Hugs or kisses? My husband’s hugs are the absolute best. They totally relax me.
Shorter or taller? Taller.
Older or Younger? My husband is older.
Sensitive or loud? Sensitive.
Hookup or relationship? Relationship, of course. Marriage.
Trouble-maker or hesitant? Don’t like trouble makers if it’s “bad” trouble.


Kissed a stranger? Yes
Drank hard liquor? Yes, in the distant past.
Lost glasses/contacts? Yes, an expensive pair of glasses.
Ran away from home? Yes, but I was already of age.
Been arrested? No!
Turned someone down? Yes
Cried when someone died? Yes


Yourself? Yes.
Love at first sight? No, unless it’s the Holy Spirit testifying about that person.
Santa Clause? No, but the concept is nice.
Kiss on the first date? No.
Angels? Yes.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today was my birthday. It didn’t seem like any special day for the most part. I think that as children we are inundated with parties, friends, games, and loads of gifts. Then, when we become adults we wonder where the excitement went!

I had lunch with my parents, which was nice as always. They’re great people. I then went to work and had a typical day.

When I got home was when the day became truly special. As always, my husband had a wonderful cake there waiting for me—chocolate, which is my favorite, and a couple of favorite ice creams. The cake was simply and classically decorated with swirled fudge frosting, a “Happy Birthday” greeting and a single red rose. The rose has always, for many reasons, been my favorite flower. It was in our wedding poem that I wrote, my wedding bouquet, and the song by the same name was also sung that day.

The presents were wonderful. The first was that my family was around me. My beautiful little men were there, as were my children, my husband, and my mom. Dad wasn’t feeling well so didn’t attend.

From my mom and dad, I received The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. I have perused it several times at the book store and also looked through my daughter’s copy. It is a wonderful book written by a very resourceful woman. It has all of the tips that anyone could want from raising chickens to building a cabin.

My youngest daughter made me the cutest hand-made card. She also gave me a hand-made flower. She said that she tried to make a rose, but it ended up looking somewhat like a lotus flower, so we named it a rotus. She also gave me a Hershey bar—she too knows how I love chocolate. To top it all off, she cleaned the house! Is that a gift, or what!

My oldest daughter gave me the most adorable glass coasters with a picture of the boys spelling out LOVE by the shape of their bodies. There are four coasters—four letters in the word “love”. I’ll be posting a picture of them.

My son, bless his heart, sharpened all of my kitchen knives. I complain quite often about how dull they are. I think that they’ve been sharpened all of three times in the 25 years that we’ve been married.

My children have always been so very thoughtful and somehow, get me exactly what I want and do it in the most meaningful ways.

So, another year older and another year of great blessings. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008



Outside my window...dark and cold...28 below zero.

I am thinking...that I'm glad to be home after a somewhat stressful day at work (o.k., more than somewhat).

I am thankful family and the Gospel.

From the learning rooms...a whole new program that will be instigated at work.

From the homemade potato soup--Mmmm.

I am long peach nightgown, a warm robe, and just took off my socks, which are needed around the house when it's this cold!

I am creating...Christmas cards.

I am stay home tomorrow unless I WANT to go out!

I am reading...lots of wonderful blogs. :)

I am hoping...hmmmm...lots of things.

I am hearing...Peace on Earth, Good will to Men.

Around the house...distant rattlings from upstairs bedrooms.

One of my favorite things...being cuddled up and cozy on a cold winter's night.

A few plans for the rest of the week:work, cooking, and crafting.

Here is picture thought I am baby (beautiful grandbaby).

Thank you for stopping by!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday brought lots of snow and temperatures down to 2 degrees. After a frosty day out getting family pictures taken, we came back to our warm little home. I brought out my crafts and set about making more candles and soaps. (Thank you to Angie at The American Homemaker for the candle tips.)

My thrift-shop and dollar-store candles.

Heart candles setting up and pretty little heart-shaped bathroom soaps.

My little men than came over for Gramma to tend while Mama, Daddy, and Aunt Tia and friend went for an evening out. I thought that hot chocolate would feel good on little tummies on such a cold day. We had large mugs of the steaming beverage adorned with candy cane stir sticks. I gave them Precious Moments pages to color while I finished up my soap.

If I remember correctly, their Santa Clause bibs are from when Mama was little.

Baby Christian snoozed, if only for 20 minutes...

Grampa came up just in time to hold Baby and get a laugh while I cleaned up Adrien.

I love my babies with all my heart.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Ok, I can't pass up a good game of tag. I just came upon your blog this evening...well, middle of the night, by way of and

For some reason, I can't get my linky thing to work. Here are my seven. These are random, off-the-top-of-my-head happenings in my life that are of some value to me.

1. I love the Lord with all my might, mind, and soul and try to be more Christ-like. I LOVE my children and have always adored being a mother. I relish our friendships.

And now for the more insignificant worldly things… : p)

2. I was on the Oprah Winfrey show in 1993.

3. I am a certified K-9 trainer in beginning and advanced obedience, Handicap support, Tracking, and Personal Protection. I love German Shepherds and train mine in German. (My ancestry is German).

4. I was a drummer up until my children were young and we ran out of room for the drums! I played on the same stage (not at the same time) as Dennis Quaid.

5. I was a fitness trainer at an all-women’s spa. I was sure able to stay in shape back then!

6. We owned a traveling petting zoo and showed in malls around the states. We had wonderful domestic animals, along with a couple of wallabys, pot bellied pigs, and a sacred Indian cow, miniature horse, and Scottish Highlander cow.

7. I was blessed to be able to homeschool my children for four years until, sadly, it came to an end.

Well, there are seven things about me—really about my past. I would love to hear yours!

Well, there are seven things about me—really about my past. I would love to hear yours!

I am tagging:

A day in 1862
A Joyful Handmaiden
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Pastoral Symphony Farm
Romantic History
The Homespun Heart
There is No Place Like Home

The rules to play Tag are these: Post a link to the blog that challenged you and add these rules to your post:

Share seven things about yourself
Challenge seven other blogs at the end of your post, through naming their blog, and post a link to it.
Let them know they’re being challenged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It’s late in coming, but below is a picture of the old-time door vents (still can’t think of what they’re officially called) at my favorite get-away. This is the resort that we went to for Thanksgiving that I have been going to now for 35 years. I prefer to stay in the old rooms in the old brass beds. Some of the rooms have a sink, some a sink and stool, and some a full bath. This year, ours had just a sink and a shared bath down the hall.

Because they don’t have air conditioning, the vents above the doors could be opened to allow a cross draft with an open window on the other side of the room. Of course now days due to fire codes, these have all been sealed up with plywood. I miss the old days but am glad that they have at least preserved the overall look, for these doors hold wonderful memories for me.

My niece kissing my baby grandson, Christian.

Gramma and me. She's my only one left, and what a good one she is! I love Gramma with all my heart.

Monday, December 8, 2008



Outside my window...are a few freshly fallen snowflakes—a welcome site.

I am thinking...that I am thankful to be home from work in my peaceful home.

I am thankful, heat, and a warm cozy bed.

From the learning rooms...Algebra—for one last day. My final is tonight! :)

From the kitchen...the aroma of nephla soup—a favorite of my son’s and mine passed down to me from my German grandma. How I loved her homemade nephla soup! I also serve it in the same bowls that she did.

I am work scrubs.

I am day planner that I will be selling in our local book store.

I am school this evening.

I am issue of Country Woman—a great magazine of wholesome life!

I am be able to work out of the home fewer days within a year’s time.

I am hearing...sweet silence…ahhh

Around the house...tidying up, Algebra study, making dumplings for my soup.

One of my favorite things...the art of creating and the joy that it brings.

A few plans for the rest of the week:work, starting my afghan.

Here is picture thought I am Christmas box kitty. Pharaoh stuffs himself into any box that is handy—even if he doesn’t fit!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I think that I’ll start posting a listing of ways to save money and would love to hear what anyone else has to offer also!

As I have mentioned before, I followed the Tightwad Gazette quite religiously in trying to save money while I stayed at home with my children. I am now returning to those roots, as I have a renewed desire to conserve and to continue to find new ways to do so. My goal is to be totally self sufficient as far as the necessities of a sustainable life for my family. I have had this goal for some time and have worked on it off and on. The current state of affairs of the country have given me the extra kick that I needed to get back to this important matter.

We have at least a year’s supply of food, but I am quite concerned about the water. We have very little, probably just a few days’ worth. In the past, I had found five-gallon containers with a polyurethane lining that could double as a toilet. I don’t know where I can get them currently. Does anyone know of a source? I also desire to build on my very small stock of toiletries, water purifier drops, first-aid items, etc.

I finally broke down and ordered my Fels Naptha soap online. I have been searching high and low for it but couldn’t find it locally. I wasn’t going to have it shipped, as that would defeat the purpose of its low-cost. However, I ordered a few Christmas items from Lehman’s, which I needed anyway, and this justified the shipping. As soon as it comes, or maybe after we use our current bulk detergent up, I’ll make the homemade washing soap. I am looking forward to it!

I have plans to start my garden again but this time do an efficient and healthy container garden. My son said that he would help me build a compost bin, which I’ll use for mulch. I can’t believe it but my husband suggested building a greenhouse! I could have bounced off the walls! He doesn’t have the fever that I do, as far as storing and growing our own wholesome food. So, for him to mention this was a shock. He also has been saying that we need to get a wheat grinder. We have pounds and pounds of wheat but no grinder—go figure! Again, he isn’t one to ruminate on things like this, so I was a bit caught off guard that he would bring it up two or three times recently. Hmmm…makes me wonder. You know how sometimes you’re lead to prepare for things unknown?

Well, my long-ago-started preparedness and frugal life took a back burner for the past 10 years, and its time has come to move to the forefront!

Any ideas that you would like to share on ways to store, what you store, and ways that you live frugally are welcome. :p)

Friday, December 5, 2008


My very tiny nativity set. For some reason Joseph and Jesus are missing. I wonder if Jesus is off at the Temple teaching, and Joseph went to find him. ; )

This little Santa and Mrs. Clause were given to me several years ago. I nestled them into some colorful potpourri, which is freshly sprinkled with cinnamon and cloves. I then tucked in a few cinnamon sticks for some extra holiday scent!

These little carolers were purchased from the dollar store a couple of years ago. Their little legs dangle and they're happy on any shelf that you set them on.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What a wonderful night we had! My son, Elliott, received his official Eagle Scout award. He did his project last year, and due to several reasons, it has taken a year to final have the Court of Honor. It was such a Spirit-filled evening.

This was a culmination of many years of accomplishments.

Miracles occured in the time that Elliott was putting together his project. The Lord was present through the multitude of people who helped, and to them we are thankful. One brother passed away this past year. He was " Christ the greatest man [Elliott] knew". His wife will be honored with the Mentor pin.

One thing that made the night especially special was that it was combined with his cousin's Personal Progress award. This is the equivalent to scouting accomplishments for girls. Kaitie and Elliott have always been close, so this meant a lot to both of them.

As part of the ceremony, my husband and I were pinned.


FOR TODAY: December 3, 2008

Outside my window...Snow! We finally have snow! As I drove home last night, it was snowing, it was quiet, and Silent Night played on the radio. Ahhh...the Christmas season is here.

I am thinking...That I’m very tired today, but I am healthy :)

I am thankful for...My son’s accomplishments. We are attending his Eagle Scout Court of Honor tonight! He is such a good boy and tries to follow the right path. Ahhh…the joys of being a mother.

From the learning rooms...Phlebotomy tests and which tubes they go in.

From the kitchen...The smell of pumpkin chocolate chip brownies baking in the oven.

I am wearing...My work scrubs.

I am creating...Ideas for an afghan that I'll soon begin.

I am Church tonight for the Court of Honor.

I am reading...Beautiful Girlhood

I am lose some weight. ;)

Silence other than the cozy sound of the furnace running.

Around the house...Write out Christmas cards, do a load of laundry, plan ways to make an income from my home. Ideas anyone?

One of my favorite things...Little children.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Work through Friday and study all weekend for a final.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...My candle-lit Christmas cottage with people from the 1800s inside.

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Monday, December 1, 2008


If you work outside the home, is it by choice or by need?

Do you find it hard to keep a clean house? What if any techniques do you have for managing this?

Do you still find time to do domestic frivolities, e.g. sewing, crocheting, writing, decorating—(insert other favorites)? If so, when do you add this into your schedule? By the way, I call these frivolities only because since I work it is a bonus to be able to do these things whereas when I stayed at home, they were part of my life.

Are you able to make nice, nutritious, and pleasing meals, or is it each to their own?

Do you find time for scripture study?

Are you able to stay in the world but not of the world since you are out in it every day of the week? If so, how do you manage?

Any other ideas or techniques you have for melding the two worlds are appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you!


I thought that today being December 1st and all that I had better put up some decorations. So, after digging through the attic, a few little treasures emerged. The one that is the most special to me is this Santa. My grandma had him when I was small, and I can remember when I was shorter than he was. He is only about three feet, so that was a good 40+ years ago! Santa now lives at my house for my grandchildren to enjoy. I just love how life circles around!

The fuzzy gray thing to the side and back is Cleopatra, or part of her :)

The picture didn’t take too well due to the reflection on the ceramic pieces. This nativity set that was given to me many years ago by a lady that I attend church with is still a treasure to me, and I display it every year.