Friday, February 27, 2009


One of my dear daughters, the three little men, and I went thrift store shopping the other day. We were able to hit two of them before one little man’s patience wore thin. Oh, it was so fun, though! Both of us love the deals we can find second-hand. It’s like finding a hidden treasure!

My camera takes less-than-desirable pictures. I would just as soon go back to the old fashioned kind. But, here are some I was able to snap...

A cute double-heart country Welcome sign for my kitchen...

An adorable Country-Hearts pitcher to match my napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers. I'm working on a set. :O)

Reminisce is a wonderful little magazine about the good ole days. Oh, how wonderful it is to take a cozy afternoon and just get lost in the past! I picked up both copies for just a few cents a piece.

One of the Few: Toward Christian Womanhood tells the story of a young woman who chose to follow the right path in life unlike so many her age. Throughout the book, which is styled for homeschoolers, her grandmother counsels her on the different avenues of life. I read it one night while sitting with a patient.

Polly’s Pointers: Hints for Homemaking is a cute vintage booklet, which contains all sorts of homemaking tips.

And this beautiful rose plate stole my heart! I adore roses and have a small display of them in my bedroom, including a couple of handkerchiefs that were Grandma's.

Although the mug wasn't made to accompany the plate, I had to grab it as well!

A stop at the playground and a trip to the health food store to obtain the needed ingredients for our homemade toothpaste and deodorant completed our day. Ahhh, how wonderful it is to have daughters…and better yet, someone who loves to shop thrift stores as much as I do!


It seems that we have many MANY birthdays in our family! And, yesterday, our very own Miss Keira turned 23—So hard to believe!

When I was 23, I was 8 months pregnant with the sweet little girl!

Where does the time go!

What’s a mama to do?

Well...Of course, I rang up the family!

And...we had a party!

With a little fun...

And lots of Birthday Cake!

Of course baby Adrien wants to help Tia blow out the candles with his little lispy blow!

...And lick the candles too!

What little brother does, Big Brother...Are you leaving me out?!

Of course not! You get some too, Julian!

Gramma didn’t get to hold that beautiful baby tonight…sigh…

I didn't want to give him my achy sore throat, so I had to stay away from the little precious...Uncle had fun with him though! Aren't they so cute together!

My youngest baby and my youngest grandbaby...Ahhh, this mama's heart just swells.

For Tia's birthday, the boys helped Mommy make the wrapping paper...with lots of fun buttons!

Couldn't you just bite those chubby little cheeks!

Aren't birthdays just TOO fun!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Outside my window...Dark, peaceful, and a bit chilly.

I am thinking...Negative thoughts today—it’s just one of those days :/

I am thankful for...A president that is really trying to do well.

From the learning rooms...Too much. I am thankful for all that is available to learn!

I am work scrubs—heading in for a grave shift soon

I am reading...A booklet on preparing to enter the Temple. My son will be going to the Temple soon and just finished a class using this booklet.

I am rid myself of major depression, which is genetically and hormonally charged. I don’t see a cure, but hopefully there can something to abate it somewhat. It has gone on for WAY too many years! ;)

I am hearing...President Obama give his address to the nation.

Around the house...I am slowly chipping away at disorganization.

One of my favorite things...a deep peaceful sleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Work. I REALLY wanted to go out of state for my baby brother’s 40th birthday tomorrow. I just couldn’t make it happen. :/

Here is picture thought I am sharing...I have many blessings in my life. There is always a candle of hope burning.

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Friday, February 20, 2009


This evening, Boy and I read Proverbs 19, as it is the 19th of February.

These are a few of the verses taken from the King James version that spoke to me, including my thoughts on some of them:

1 BETTER is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in
his lips, and is a fool.

**I need to work on worshiping with my actions and not just my words**

4 Wealth maketh many friends; but the poor is separated from his neighbour.

11 The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over
a transgression.

**I need to be sure to defer my anger and look lightly upon the transgressions of others**

15 Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.

**I need to work on not being slothful**

16 He that keepeth the commandment keepeth his own soul; but he that despiseth his ways shall die.

23 The fear of the Lord tendeth to life: and he that hath it shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.

**I want to work hard at keeping all of the commandments. The more we know, the more we are obligated to do. It's hard to keep in check at times. I am thankful that Heavenly Father loves us and has mercy upon us**

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just had to share these beautiful roses that I recieved in an email.

Roses have always been my favorite for a variety of reasons. When we were married, I wrote a poem about them and put it on the front of our announcements. We had peach and baby blue for our colors. It was beautiful. Now, 25 years later, I have a wreath with some of our silk roses hanging in my peach and yellow living room. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


After some research and hints from Mrs. G at Pastoral Symphony Farms, I made my own toothpaste a few short days ago.

You see, I am on a mission here. Gone are the days of BUYING everything we use and back are the days of self-sufficiency, healthful home-grown food, and using the resources available to us to MAKE less caustic and healthier-for-us products, to re-visit days gone by when I made from scratch, produced home goods, and yearned to go back to the earth! I almost feel like shouting three loud HOORAHS! I’m back! And so, with this arising fervor, I bring to you with the help of many others, the simple works of my hands, which the Lord gave me to use.

As we research and learn—search and find…home remedies, days-of-yore toiletries, and other fanciful home-grown necessities, I will be sharing these with you and welcoming your precious knowledge also!


I based my toothpaste on Mrs. G's homemade recipe.


Baking Soda


Essential Oil of your choice



Mix the baking soda and salt together.

Add in your essential oil (I chose Peppermint 100% pure oil. You have to watch, as they are not all pure. I added probably 25 drops all told of my oil.)

Once this mixture is thoroughly blended, add your water a bit at a time until desired consistency is obtained.

When all was said and done, I used approximately 4-5 parts baking soda to 1 part salt. You can adjust as you need. My original was too salty, so I added more soda.

According to Mrs. G, if I am remembering correctly, this must be refrigerated.

I mixed up quite a small portion while I am trying different recipes. I actually don't mind this one. Some may not like it due the strong baking soda taste, but to me it just brings back memories of home when we were out of toothpaste. Mom would have us baking soda and water. And, when I was done brushing, my teeth felt very clean.

Now this afternoon, my daughter whipped another recipe found online that she thinks will work for her. You combine baking soda, water, coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and castile soap. This recipe made my teeth feel clean, but I couldn't take the oil taste/smell that lingered long after I was done brushing. So, we see that not everyone's tastes are the same. Nonetheless, we are all on the same road, the road back to better moments in time...where fewer chemicals were used...where more pure water was found...and where there was virtually no cancer found. Anything I can do to promote health and frugality at the same time is my mission!

Also today, this same daughter made a deodorant that I am quite excited to try. There is no aluminum in it, which has been proven to bad to our precious bodies. I’ll let you know more when I test it, and believe me, I'll be testing it! I have the embarrassing problem of sweating—a lot!


A good face cream is next on my list. I was hoping to not have to buy another jar but ended up doing so because I not yet found a good recipe without all the oils that make my acne-prone face break out.

More on this as we continue our search...


As I have been working on the clinic side as of late, Friday was the first time I had been back on the floors of the hospital in four months. It was a bit trying because you have to hit the ground running, and I was worried about changes that may have happened while I was away. I guess it was good that I was busy; I didn’t have a lot of time to worry. I never like being away for an extended time, as it feels -like being new again, and I hate that feeling! :)

I worked on ATU for the first eight hours and surgical for the last part. Twelve hours and forty-five minutes later, I headed for home feeling totally worn out...

But...My honey wanted to take me out for dinner for a valentine treat.

Now, how could I turn that down?

We had a really nice and delicious dinner. Afterward, under the pretense of wanting to see the new indoor water park, we toured one of the newer hotels in town. Well, he had arranged for a little over-night get-away for us! It was very nice and so thoughtful of him. When our house was busy with little children, these few-and-far-between get-aways were just what the doctor ordered. Now, our home is not all that busy, so staying home is relaxing, but it’s hard to deny a nice freshly cleaned room, crisply laundered linens, and together time with your sweetheart.

Steve had bought me a beautiful red tin of Dove chocolates—yum yum—and a sweet rose card. I felt very special and loved on this 25th Valentine’s Day together (not counting our dating days). ;)

On Valentine’s Day itself, we went to DD’s house as a family and had a wonderful steak dinner that she and her honey cooked for us all. Afterwards, we watched home movies of many moons ago. Oh, how those pull the heart strings! Seeing my little people made me want to travel back in time.

The night went very late, so strawberry shakes had to wait...

So…this evening, after the girls had finished skinning and processing the pig—yes, a pig—that they got yesterday (more on this POSSIBLY in a future post), we had our strawberry shakes!

And then we cuddled up...for another home movie...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Please stop by this wonderful country blog and sign up for the tea time give-away!

Monday, February 9, 2009



Outside my window...The night is dark and clear.

I am thinking...That I need to be positive with the economic changes and use this as a time for growth. This may take some doing. :)

I am thankful for...Having people/family in home, as they'll be gone in 2-3 months. :(

From the learning rooms...New information to study on Medical Assistants.

From the kitchen...All were on their own tonight, as I worked until 8:00 p.m.

I am wearing...A pink nighty and white terry cloth robe.

I am creating...Better time efficiency in my life.

I am reading...Micah

I am hoping...To become more disciplined.

I am hearing...My husband turning the pages of the book that he is reading.

One of my favorite things...Little people. They light up my world! :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work during the week. A family night with board games, old home movies, pizza, and homemade strawberry milkshakes this weekend.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've changed my blog font. This larger format should hopefully make it easier to read...:>)

Also...I was unable to insert the picture credits for my post below "Bless-ed Sabbath". They are included here.