Saturday, November 7, 2009


My fall kitchen center piece includes an old Home Canning Book by Kerr, a rolling pin, a Mason jar filled with spaghetti, and some fall colored recipes card. All of this is tied together with my yellow gingham apron. Wooden spoons and a whisk are tucked into the pockets. A jar of honey and a fragrant pumpkin spice candle are placed on either side.

A basket of potatoes, an old Dutch oven, a meat grinder, rustic boards, and temple wheat set the foundation. Atop an organ bench that grandpa built for me 46 years ago sits a picture of an elderly woman praying over her meager meal. This picture hung in Gramma’s kitchen and now hangs in mine. A fall colored apron and a vintage card complete the ensemble.

Here, our Thanksgiving ancestors welcome and give thanks for the harvest.

My spicy harvest candles and pioneer rag doll adorn the end table. Laura Ingalls Wilder ties in the theme of simpliness, family, and harvest.

Old school books used by the children in Laura Ingall’s Wilder’s era, Tom Sawyer, and the poem and story The Touch of the Master’s Hand—A moving and wonderful story, accent the collection atop the table.

My little farm house collection… An old window frame I found, a pitchfork with a fall napkin tied in a bow, and some wild green foliage makeup my grouping.

My little pioneer rag doll is kept warm, by her shawl, during chilly autumn nights.

Miss Cleopatra decides to join in on the festivities.

Blessings to all this Thanksgiving season.


Mrs. G said...

Dear me what a lot of wonderful vintage things you have! You certainly have a talent for arranging and decorating. :-)


Zebu said...

Well thank you very much, Paris. What a nice compliment. I hope that all is well with you, your new one, and your family. :)