Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a huge issue when it comes to modesty. The way that women dress and little girls any more, actually enrages me-not just makes me uncomfortable. This rears its ugly head especially in the summertime, and any male with any amount of testoserone is then tempted to look at what is in front of them. This includes men that are trying to be righteous. This includes single men, and this includes our husbands! It's pretty difficult not to see it even if you're not trying. This is Satan at his best.

Along these lines, I found a wonderful site last year. Crystal specializes in and designs and sews modest swim wear. I bought a suit from her and love it. I felt so comfortable around family and didn't get stares at the pool--well if I did, it was because I was the odd man out! I would encourage all of you to check out Simply Modest. Along with being modest, her suits are also very comfortable. The patterns that she chooses also lend to their modesty. For the first time, due to the pretty prints and the overall design of the swim wear, I wasn't noticing everyone staring at my chest.

Also, please visit Joy right away at The Stay-At-Home Missionary for Modest Fashion Week and a give-away Saturday! She has a whole week's worth of posts on modesty. Enjoy!

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Jules said...

Ah yes, summer time. When the heat is used as an excuse to be immodest. If only we knew the damage we were causing our brothers in Christ.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It was lovely to be able to visit your blog. Blessings, Jules.

Zebu said...

Yes, indeed, if only we knew the damage we were causing.

Thank for your comments, Jules, and thank you for stopping by!