Monday, March 23, 2009


A HUGE Thank You is going out to Jan and Tom of Rose Haven! I received, in a give-away, a pretty teacup from them and was SO excited to get it today!

My cup came with a beautifully hand-crafted Rose Haven gift tag…

And…a vintage needle card! Oooo!...What a fun surprise that was!

Thank you so much, Jan and Tom, for your great generosity.

Blessings to you both.

My honey and I went thriftin’ on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day for being out and about.

I found a pair of Naturalizer shoes, which would run between $40 and $65 in the store. Naturalizer is one of the few companies left that still have sizes for the toe and heel of the shoe along with the length. I rarely buy them due to their price. These are in near-perfect condition, and after I have the toe stretched just a bit, they’ll be perfect! They were only $2.00!

I didn’t get a good close-up shot but found some cute orange and yellow flower and heart-shaped buttons. I’ll use these to embellish homemade Mother’s Day cards.

We picked up a nice spread (which is actually a duvet’ cover) for our bed. We paid $5.00

My most fun purchase was a 5-qt. Dutch Oven. For some time, I have wanted to accumulate a large amount of cast iron cookware. I have one skillet that I use almost exclusively, but that is all. I paid more than I would have liked at $12, but once it is cleaned up and reseasoned, it will be fun to cook in!

I LOVE good deals!


Rose Haven said...

We're so pleased that you received the cup, saucer and needle kit...and LOVE them!!! Thanks for the wonderful post!!

It looks like you did VERY well when you went thrifting!!


Lauren said...

I love that cup and saucer. It's lovely.

Zebu said...

Indeed, I do love them! My cup and saucer sit in my china cabinet, as we speak. :)

Sarah Jane said...

Thrift shopping is the best kind of shopping! (except, perhaps, fabric shopping). I love your cast iron dutch oven. We use cast for all our cookware, except pots, and I'd never go back to anything else!

I need to reseason some of mine. It's neat how yours has the seasoning instructions right on it!

Zebu said...


I also thought it was neat how the instructions were right on it. I keep putting off re-seasoning it because I keep finding reasons to use it. ;)