Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have to admit that growing up, summer was my FAVORITE season! I would lie outside in the shade provided by the North side of the house and look up into the sky. There I would find pictures, and there I would compose poetry, as I lay on the cool green lawn. Ahhh…those were the days.

As an adult, it seemed that I detested winter more and more with each coming year. I hated the cold; I hated the bound-up feeling and how hot I got with all the layers. Of course, when I was growing up and until about 20 years ago or so, we had real winters not the wimpy ones we have now. And, they WERE something to endure. Spring brought the wet and muck but also the hope; Fall brought the changing of colors from beautiful to dead and brown and the dread of what was to come. But, summer, ahhh, summer, THAT was season!

Back then…Boy, that makes me sound old!...Well, anyway, we would "lay out". The more sun the better, and the more baby oil, the more we would tan! One summer Mom and Dad were painting the house and had scaffolding set up. I donned the bathing suit, slathered on the oil, and climbed atop the metal sun bed.

Now days, rather than oil I slather on the sunscreen, keep my arms turned away from the sun as much as possible while driving, and try as hard as I can to keep from getting too much sun...

If only I had known the dangers! I shudder to think...

But you know, youth are infallible...

Well, as to the seasons…at some point about two or three years ago…my daughter and I had a talk. She told me that she actually lost weight in the winter! “Hmmm, how does THAT happen”, I queried. “Because I shiver, and that uses body heat, which in turn burns calories”, she replied. What a novel idea, thought I! We keep our house cool anyway to save on the gas bill, so I’m chilly a lot in the winter. Why not start looking at this horrid season in a positive way! I can lose weight!

As we talked, and as I thought…In the winter, you can cuddle up with kitty cats and books and Afghans. You can’t do that in the summertime!

In the winter, you can cook lots of homemade soups, which I love to do anyway…one more positive for the season! In the winter, you can hole up and hibernate much like a mama bear. It’s cozy, and it just plain feels good. The more I thought, the more I was beginning to like this time of year! In fact, winter ended up becoming my most favorite season of all…Gasp!

That being said, I have now begun to dread summertime ALMOST as much as I used to shrink from winter. I over heat and get so hot that I feel as if I might spontaneously combust. Now THAT’S dreadful! Summertime is quite claustrophobic to me what with being eternally hot and not being able to remove enough clothing to cool down yet still be presentable.

Well, what will be, will be and must be tolerated. Some of the things that I do to adapt are to wear a wet towel around my neck, and I have fans going non-stop in the living room, kitchen, and our bedroom. At bedtime when my feet seem to be burning up, I wrap them with wet towels. All in all, I’m glad that the good Lord gave us the four seasons.

This all brings me to thoughts of one of the finer more exciting features of this time of year...


This year seems to really be a beginning for many people, indeed. Countless numbers who have never gardened are—due to the economy—starting this year. Even the first lady is planting a garden—something that hasn’t been done since the Roosevelts were in the White House! Victory Gardens were a big thing for Americans during the war era. These efforts saved money, aided the war effort, and helped families be more self-sufficient.

As mentioned in another post or two, years ago when my babies were little (oh how I miss those days), I had gardens; I canned; I froze; I even dehydrated some. Those were the days—loads of work, but those were the days! Upon having to enter the quote-un-quote working world, the pleasures of homemaking and gardening had to take a back seat. So, for me this is an old beginning made new again.

I’ve been planning for quite some time now, since before the economy was really bad. Planning because I want to eat more organic. Planning because I want to be more self sufficient. Planning because…Well…it’s the right thing to do! So, I begin. Won’t you join me?

I just planted these little guys last Monday, and they’re poking their teeny tiny little heads above soil! The earliest any of them should have started to show was on day seven, and, many were in the 10-28-day range.


Day Four...Broccoli arrives

Day Five...Peas pop!

Day Six...Dill, Carrots, Lemon basil, and Lavender show their little heads!

It is to me, such a testimony of our Heavenly Father’s plan. I see these tiny fragile plants that only He could create and instill life in. They, in turn, reach toward the light bending their little bodies Heaven-ward just as should we.

In the past, I have always had the traditional row gardens. I am quite impressed, however, and have been researching the above-ground container gardening. My thoughts are mostly formed, and next will begin the truly joyful sowing and reaping!

A wonderful site that I have found is The Square Foot Gardening Foundation. This gentleman has simple instructions and lots of advice on this gardening style.

I’ll keep you updated as we build, situate, and plant. To save money, I may get pallets, disassemble them, and use them to build the boxes. Next year, I’ll have my own compost; this year, I’ll have to buy it.

I pray that we may do all that we can to save this wonderful planet that the Lord has given us and, at the same time, get back to the basics.

Until I have my own vegetable patch to show off…

Please visit with me...

The Victory Gardens…

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