Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tomorrow, Wednesday, DH and I are going to have a gospel-only media day. So, no TV other than the BYU channel, no CDs other than those preaching the Gospel, and no magazines or books other than the scriptures or the Ensign, etc. I think that this will help us spiritually as individuals, as well as a couple. It is also a lesson in self-denial.

It’s funny, because I am not a big TV watcher and generally only spend my fun online time (am on for work as well) in various wholesome blogs that I visit. But…I am having a little anxiety attack already! Ha! Is that pathetic, or what?! Well, that’s okay; I need to grow, but more than that, I WANT my Heavenly Father’s guidance in my life, and the more I turn to Him, the more I will be able to feel and hear that still small voice.

So, blessings to you this Wednesday; may you find peace in your day as you seek Him who gives it.

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