Friday, April 16, 2010


Today was orientation day for students and parents at BYU-I. The spirit was so strong; it was amazing. I have never been to an orientation of any sort where I felt the spirit, let alone how physically palpable it was today. The Lord was and is certainly on that campus. WE FELT IT. Families from all over the country came to partake.

What a wonderful blessing it is to have a son who has chosen a worthy goal such as he has. It is such a different environment than anything that I am used to. The kids there are all striving to live right—the whole campus and all the students in the apartment buildings around town. What a difference that is from what I see day to day! DS’s apartment building is for men only, and the girls have their own buildings. Pictures of the Savior are in each apartment, along with other scriptural paintings. Everyone is friendly. My husband remarked that it was more like family than just strangers. It was really amazing.

The dress code is modest, and I have not seen one immodestly-dressed person in the day and a half that we have been here. That is 180 degrees from what is normal, as I generally don’t go but a few minutes without seeing some sort of vulgarity or another, whether it be dress or the magazines on the racks at the convenience store.

The dress and grooming of BYU-Idaho students should always be modest, neat, and clean consistent with representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Taken from "BYU-Idaho Student Baseline Campus Dress and Grooming Standards", BYU-Idaho.

I don’t want to leave; it just feels good here.

DB is rooming with other guys, at least two of whom are returned missionaries. It is just so remarkable to me to see people of this age dress and act with respect. I don’t know what more a parent could ask for than to have their own child in such an environment.

I am thankful for the great work that the faculty and workers at the school do for our kids. There are uplifting magazines laying on tables by the couches in the commons area. There is a president, who came from Harvard, to serve and guide the students. His experience is great, but his spirit is just as great, and that is what really matters. There are chapels, Family Home Evening groups, and a beautiful temple on the hill, just above the campus.

We were fed by the spirit today, in great abundance, and we were fed good nutritious food as well. A Luau was planned for us complete with a Hawaiian dinner.

I am thankful for this blessing in my life. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me, through my son, to experience just a portion—yet such a great amount to me—of what it will be like when I return to him. Nothing else in life really matters, and today I was reminded of that.


Beautifully Veiled said... is a shame that all campuses that claim Christ aren't that same way. How amazing. I'm really enjoying your blog. I think we are close to the same age, my babies just all came later in life!
Blessings! And I'll keep on praying!

Emily said...

I attended BYU-I when it was Ricks and can testify to it's wonderfullness! I loved it- loved the dress code and the small classes - and the teachers were so personable. It really is small and you can feel the Spirit walking around! How exciting for you! :)

Zebu said...

Hi Linda. Thank you for stopping over to my blog. :0) Yes, it is a shame that all campuses are not like BYU.

If I remember correctly, you are in your 40s. I am 47. I am glad that you were blessed with babies.

Blessings to you.

Zebu said...

Oh Emily, how neat that you attended Ricks and that you have such fond memories of it! I have two sisters-in-law that graduated from there. I have been continually blessed just being here. In fact, we were supposed to be going home today but decided to stay one more day.

I'm not used to living around so many LDS, as there are here, and have always enjoyed coming to Idaho Falls to bask in the Spirit. The IF temple used to be ours. Our town finally has a book store and a temple but didn't for many years, so Idaho Falls was always special to us.

We revisited Deseret Books today, with our son, where we always picked up fun things for the children when they were little. We also went to two DI's, and I had a ball! We never find so many suits (if any) and modest clothing at our thrift shops (don't have a DI) as we found here today. Since we are staying until tomorrow, we wanted to attend church with him but hadn't brought any clothes. We both found clothes at DI, and DH found a suit that fits; his at home don't fit too well.

Well, I've rambled on enough. Thank you for your post!

Have a wonderful Sabbath, ladies.