Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Outside my window...Dark, peaceful, and a bit chilly.

I am thinking...Negative thoughts today—it’s just one of those days :/

I am thankful for...A president that is really trying to do well.

From the learning rooms...Too much. I am thankful for all that is available to learn!

I am wearing...my work scrubs—heading in for a grave shift soon

I am reading...A booklet on preparing to enter the Temple. My son will be going to the Temple soon and just finished a class using this booklet.

I am hoping...to rid myself of major depression, which is genetically and hormonally charged. I don’t see a cure, but hopefully there can something to abate it somewhat. It has gone on for WAY too many years! ;)

I am hearing...President Obama give his address to the nation.

Around the house...I am slowly chipping away at disorganization.

One of my favorite things...a deep peaceful sleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Work. I REALLY wanted to go out of state for my baby brother’s 40th birthday tomorrow. I just couldn’t make it happen. :/

Here is picture thought I am sharing...I have many blessings in my life. There is always a candle of hope burning.

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Rose Haven said...

Thanks for stopping by...

and thanks for thinking about us when you were out "thrifting"...cuz we weren't able to get out any all weekend. We had many things to do and had a snowstorm of about 7-8" of the white stuff!

God can, will and does heal DEPRESSION, no matter what it's causes. We will continue to pray for you.


Zebu said...

Thank you, Jan. :)