Sunday, February 15, 2009


As I have been working on the clinic side as of late, Friday was the first time I had been back on the floors of the hospital in four months. It was a bit trying because you have to hit the ground running, and I was worried about changes that may have happened while I was away. I guess it was good that I was busy; I didn’t have a lot of time to worry. I never like being away for an extended time, as it feels -like being new again, and I hate that feeling! :)

I worked on ATU for the first eight hours and surgical for the last part. Twelve hours and forty-five minutes later, I headed for home feeling totally worn out...

But...My honey wanted to take me out for dinner for a valentine treat.

Now, how could I turn that down?

We had a really nice and delicious dinner. Afterward, under the pretense of wanting to see the new indoor water park, we toured one of the newer hotels in town. Well, he had arranged for a little over-night get-away for us! It was very nice and so thoughtful of him. When our house was busy with little children, these few-and-far-between get-aways were just what the doctor ordered. Now, our home is not all that busy, so staying home is relaxing, but it’s hard to deny a nice freshly cleaned room, crisply laundered linens, and together time with your sweetheart.

Steve had bought me a beautiful red tin of Dove chocolates—yum yum—and a sweet rose card. I felt very special and loved on this 25th Valentine’s Day together (not counting our dating days). ;)

On Valentine’s Day itself, we went to DD’s house as a family and had a wonderful steak dinner that she and her honey cooked for us all. Afterwards, we watched home movies of many moons ago. Oh, how those pull the heart strings! Seeing my little people made me want to travel back in time.

The night went very late, so strawberry shakes had to wait...

So…this evening, after the girls had finished skinning and processing the pig—yes, a pig—that they got yesterday (more on this POSSIBLY in a future post), we had our strawberry shakes!

And then we cuddled up...for another home movie...

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