Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just dropping a quick note to whomever is reading. I hope that your weeks are going well, and if they're not, MAKE THEM!

Remember, we have the control over how we react to any circumstances we face. Fix what's broken, mend what's hurt, make a list each day and complete it...But most of all work hard and JUST do the VERY BEST YOU CAN...

Little demon trolls will sneak in and try to tell you that you're lazy, you're not worth anything, you're fat, you never get anything done...And on and on and on. You've all heard them. Shut them out, know that you are a worthwhile person, and JUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN!

If you have fallen short this week, so have I! My goal of tidying my bedroom every morning...Well, let's just say that it looked (before tonight) almost as bad as before I started this project.

My healthy eating...Hmmmm...Hear and there, yes, but Mc D's, BK, and Taco John's have been my companions this week.

If you're tired, I'm right there with ya! Mentally wiped out.

If your house isn't clean, I hear ya there too!

The Good News...And there always is some...Is that I got one of my chores done this week...Wednesday's cleaning of my room...

And...I got my car cleaned! After waiting and waiting...I gotter done! Ended up taking it back because new stains appeared, but I planned for it, I waited, and I accomplished!

So, Ladies, JUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN--And then you have succeeded, so sleep tight and know that.

Have a Beautiful and Happy Thursday!


James said...

And gentlemen! Thank you for a much needed pep talk.

Zebu said...

Oh, and gentlemen, indeed, Mr. James! Thank you for stopping by. :0)