Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Last week didn’t go super well; in fact, I think that I only got one of my rooms cleaned for my night chores.

Every morning with the exception of one, however, found a neat and tidy bedroom.

I am ending my week with Saturdays from here on out. I actually started on a Wednesday, but traditional weeks are easier to keep track of.

So…This is week three, and it has gone quite well so far. Yesterday, I got my wash all done, and although I didn’t get it folded last night, I did so tonight and also did my ironing, which is Tuesday’s chore. So, we have 100% so far! What a great feeling!

Tomorrow is the weekly cleaning of my bedroom. I have noticed that it will be quite a bit easier to keep up doing things this way. For instance, laundry this week was a fraction of what it was last week, and I know that my bedroom will be easier tomorrow than before, which only makes sense.


I will be organizing my jewelry. This can be the last frustrating item in the morning when I am all ready to leave, go to grab my earrings and possibly a necklace, only to find that they are all tangled up! This is not only a great frustration but a time waster as well.


I have done pretty well in this area. There are always the muffins or licorice (or both ;), and there are the fast-food lunches here and there, which I need to cut back on.

On the healthy side, I have eaten my 14-grain a couple of days over the last few and a really yummy cod and veggie dinner as well. Hmmm, that was SO tasty! I seasoned it with real butter, Celtic sea salt, and dill…Divine


Exercise hasn’t been great, but it hasn’t been horrible either. Pup and I have walked a couple of times…I always walk in the deep snow where possible to get that extra cardio and lower-body work out.


Hmmmmmm…I guess that I have done alright in the non-whining category. I do still have a lot of room for improvement. What helps me is to actually take action on things that may not even seem possible. That way, I am doing something constructive and putting positive wheels in motion whether that particular thing comes to fruition or not.


I dislike shopping. I blame my mom (in an endearing way, of course). She drug us kids around ALL the time to clothing stores, furniture stores, grocery stores, and any other kind of store that existed. This isn’t all bad, however. Because I detest shopping, I hardly every do it (clothes that is).

I NEVER go to the mall, and when I do clothes shop it is at second-hand stores generally. I love a good deal.

In the past, I was fortunate to inherit garments from Mom. She retired and no longer needed her dress clothes and so passed many on to me.

I also keep my clothes for a very long time. So, all in all, my clothing expenses are extremely low.

Here is an outfit that I wore one day last week…

My new camera doesn’t sit on its end, so I had to hold the camera, which didn’t allow for very good views, but you’ll get the basic idea.

The jacket was a mom hand-me-down…

I purchased this black skirt at a thrift shop for probably about $7.00…

The black under tee was purchased recently for $10. I got them to wear under my work tops. The store had a special going, wherein I was able to buy four and receive one free!

This gold star is such a treasure to me. It is the mother’s pin that I received when my son became an Eagle Scout…That was a great honor.

To continue the gold theme, I wore my one pair of gold earrings (I am usually a silver person)…These were given to me as a birthday present several years back by my mom and dad.

The last item of jewelry is the necklace. Hubby and I went on the Christmas Stroll, which is held every year down town at Christmas time. We stopped into a fun antique shop, and I spied this vintage necklace for $3.00.

Not shown are my boots. They are a full-length black leather boot, which I purchased at…gasp…the mall! Don’t ask me why I was there other than Penny’s has some pretty good sales and I probably needed some for work. I paid $30 and have had them probably since the winter of 2004 or so. So, they have only cost me about $5.00a year to wear.


Jacket Free
Skirt $7.00
Under tee $10.00
Gold pin Free
Gold earrings Free
Necklace $3.00
Boots $5.00 (price for this year’s wear)

Total $25.00

Now, that is rather high. However, each year that I have the skirt and under tee will decrease their price points. Since these are both items that I have purchased within the last year, they are still at full value.

I have so much fun realizing that a woman can look put together for a little of nothing, and why not?!

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