Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am so thankful to belong to this blog community. I have found so many wonderful spirits here and such a feeling of togetherness…like we really AREN’T alone in trying to live good lives. The media would have us think very differently. Tonight, my dear boy and I relistened to a story that we had heard before but one that is very eye-opening. As I don’t do well with details, I will paraphrase the gist of the account. Forgive any inconsistencies, miss-spellings, etc.

Elder Boyd K. Packer had told the account of Elder Cook’s chance meeting on an airplane. This story was told, I believe, in 1989. Elder Cook boarded the plane and, as was his custom, introduced himself to the man sitting next to him and asked his name in return. The man stated his name and upon finding that Elder Cook didn’t seem to know who he was, dug out a magazine and showed his picture. It was a magazine with scantily clad women and scary faces, Elder Cook reported. The man sitting next to him was, it turned out, Mick Jaeger. Once finding this out, Elder Cook related to him that in his travels, he met many young people. He said that some of them told him that his (Jagger’s) kind of music didn’t have any effect upon them. Others, he said, were honest in the fact that they felt an evilness while listening to the music. What, he asked Mick Jagger, were his thoughts on how the music affected the youth. His exact words, to the best of my memory were, “Our music is calculated to drive kids to sex.”

The discussion went on for some time. Mick jagger said that now that the availability of music videos was there, these were able to get their message across even better and that he was making even more money because of it. He didn’t care what the kids were doing.

The first time I heard this story, I was astonished, though I should not have been, because I know the influence of bad music. What struck me was that here sat a servant of the Lord next to a servant of the devil. Elder Cook bore his testimony with force to Jagger and told him that if he did not change his ways, he would be held accountable.

We have so much working against us dear women—against our children, against our husbands, against our families. In fact, one of the things that the rock star said was that he wanted the disintegration of the family. May we continue to pray hardily, read our scriptures, and teach our families DAILY of our dear Heavenly Father and the path he wants us on.


Angie said...

I believe the line between good and evil is becoming even more clear (even as it's becoming more hazy) every day. The day is coming and soon where there can be no fence sitters, you are either for one side or the other.

Zebu said...

Very well put, Angie.

PatinTenn said...

Hello there. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

To answer your question about tithing, yes we do tithe and then give more. We as a church (about 80 members) are heading into building a second building to use for SS classes and we are paying for it and building it ourselves. So every Sunday morning, anyone who has anything "extra" to give above the tithes, places it in the "offering" chest at the altar. Some weeks we have something "extra" and some weeks we don't.

God is good and He supplies all of our needs. We do not have a savings account at the bank, but we have God !!

I look forward to visiting you more here.

Stop by again anytime.

Lauren said...

HI Zebu,

Well, Aaron helps me a whole lot. Whom ever is home does the house work. So that helps. I also try to squeeze in a couple of hours in the evening to sew. On my days off, when I'm working on a project, I will usually spend the entire day sewing. But it can be very hard to fit in time. Luckily for us, we just have the animals and no kids, which helps. I hope all is well :-)

Zebu said...

Patin Tenn,

It’s wonderful how generous people can be, isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by my blog. : P)

Hi Lauren,

It is nice that hubby helps out. :) I, too, try to fit in bits here and there as I can. My problem is that I like to have a whole block of time to take as long as I need! I’m selfish, I guess. But, we take what we can get. :)

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