Sunday, January 11, 2009


As I took my little men to church today, I felt a sense of responsibility and love, as if to say, “This is what I am supposed to be doing.” Buckled up and sitting nicely in their cute little suits and ties, we headed off.

I’m pretty sure that the hecticness of the day started with the wind, or at least that is what I choose to blame it on. It was absolutely frightful today and is the one element that I really don’t tolerate too well. As we headed into the building, over the snow and ice they ran. All the while, I was trying to keep my hair from flying every where but where it was supposed to be and to keep my skirt from eagerly trying to blow straight up in the air.

Once there, we dropped Julian off at his class and then took Adrien to Nursery. It was his first day there, and he wasn’t quite ready to go it alone, so I stayed with him and was proud to be there with my little grandbaby. All went well. There were snacks and games, songs and prayers.

It was now time to go and out into the wind once again we went. While trying to harness the elements and walk modestly out to the car, it was an effort trying to keep Julian out of the snow and ice and Adrien from following Julian into the snow and ice. For, whatever Julian does, Adrien is sure to follow!

We finally got to the car only to realize that I had lost my keys! With my extra set, we drove right up to the front door so that the boys could be seen and out of danger’s way as I flew through the church and crowded halls in search of my keys. They were no where to be found. Finally, a lady told me that her Bishop had held a pair up, which had been lost, in their Sacrament meeting. Off to find this unknown Bishop, down yet another hallway, and asking yet another person, (I didn’t know what their Bishop even looked like) I raced toward the chapel. There they were, in his hands, looking oh so familiar. I thanked him profusely and dashed out to the boys.

Of course, when I got there, Adrien was having a fit, a two-year-old fit or an I-need-a-nap-now fit, I’m not sure. But, fit and all, off we went. I felt like the pioneers must have felt, as I tried to negotiate the extremely rutted and overly bumpy roads! I am QUITE sure now, that if I didn’t need a front-end alignment last week that I most definitely do now. It was frustrating to say the least, humorous at best, and that’s pushing it! Going for a short-cut, we went the wrong way and ended up in a cul-de-sac only to have to turn around and maneuver the same ruts and bumps once again. Finally on a plowed thorough fair, we were off and flying. It’s only minutes now, I thought; we’ll be home out of the wind, and Adrien can get his much needed sleep.

Against my well ingrained knowledge that you NEVER place siblings so close to each other in the car that they are actually touching, heaven forbid, I had done it anyway. So, all the way home, either one of them or both were upset because the other one was taking up too much space, one wanted to lie down but the other was taking up the room, etc. etc. By this time, it was definitely Adrien’s nap time, and no amount of condolence could quiet him. So, amidst the fits and whining and angry drivers around us, we drove on, oh so gaily.
Finally, we reached the house, struggled out of the seat belts and out of the car, and off across the ice and snow they went. A dry sidewalk is no fun to travel on after all! As I caught up to him and tried to assist, so Adrien wouldn’t fall on the ice, his annoyance grew. He could do it himself after all. By the time we got into the house, he with his crumpled up Nursery coloring page, and me with my crumpled up face, we were greeted by Brattum, the horse-sized dog. A few hugs and kisses later, a once more upset Adrien who, trying to fight for space with horse dog, tried to reach me for a kiss and hug (ones that he didn’t want earlier). Our final farewells were bid, and the little cutest but oh-so-unhappy man walked off down the hall in a pout. All is well, I thought; all is well.

As I reflected once at home, I was so thankful that I have grandbabies, thankful that I am allowed to take them to church, and thankful that I can instill in them, as did my gramma in me, a love of the Lord Jesus Christ, wind, ruts, and all!


Angie said...

I totally hear you on this one! I've had many, many Sundays just like the one you described.

I'm glad too my activity is over, but it's a weekly event, so I'm right on to the next one... LOL

My website will be filled with recipes, craft ideas, spiritual thoughts, emergency preparedness tips, kids activity ideas, articles on all sorts of things, etc. It's something I've been wanting to do for quite a while. I'm really hoping we can launch it soon.

Zebu said...

I'll be excited to read your site, so you'll have to let us know when it's up. :)