Monday, December 8, 2008



Outside my window...are a few freshly fallen snowflakes—a welcome site.

I am thinking...that I am thankful to be home from work in my peaceful home.

I am thankful, heat, and a warm cozy bed.

From the learning rooms...Algebra—for one last day. My final is tonight! :)

From the kitchen...the aroma of nephla soup—a favorite of my son’s and mine passed down to me from my German grandma. How I loved her homemade nephla soup! I also serve it in the same bowls that she did.

I am work scrubs.

I am day planner that I will be selling in our local book store.

I am school this evening.

I am issue of Country Woman—a great magazine of wholesome life!

I am be able to work out of the home fewer days within a year’s time.

I am hearing...sweet silence…ahhh

Around the house...tidying up, Algebra study, making dumplings for my soup.

One of my favorite things...the art of creating and the joy that it brings.

A few plans for the rest of the week:work, starting my afghan.

Here is picture thought I am Christmas box kitty. Pharaoh stuffs himself into any box that is handy—even if he doesn’t fit!

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Angie said...

Here's the link to my first round of votive candles. I just covered dollar store votives with the spiced up wax. It's really easy.

Zebu said...

Thank you, Angie; they're inexpensive and wonderful!

A Gracious Home said...

Your pictures are beautiful. A great cat. I envy your snow. I would love to get some snow here. It makes everything so beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday, Doylene

Zebu said...

Thank you, Doylene. :)