Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today was my birthday. It didn’t seem like any special day for the most part. I think that as children we are inundated with parties, friends, games, and loads of gifts. Then, when we become adults we wonder where the excitement went!

I had lunch with my parents, which was nice as always. They’re great people. I then went to work and had a typical day.

When I got home was when the day became truly special. As always, my husband had a wonderful cake there waiting for me—chocolate, which is my favorite, and a couple of favorite ice creams. The cake was simply and classically decorated with swirled fudge frosting, a “Happy Birthday” greeting and a single red rose. The rose has always, for many reasons, been my favorite flower. It was in our wedding poem that I wrote, my wedding bouquet, and the song by the same name was also sung that day.

The presents were wonderful. The first was that my family was around me. My beautiful little men were there, as were my children, my husband, and my mom. Dad wasn’t feeling well so didn’t attend.

From my mom and dad, I received The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. I have perused it several times at the book store and also looked through my daughter’s copy. It is a wonderful book written by a very resourceful woman. It has all of the tips that anyone could want from raising chickens to building a cabin.

My youngest daughter made me the cutest hand-made card. She also gave me a hand-made flower. She said that she tried to make a rose, but it ended up looking somewhat like a lotus flower, so we named it a rotus. She also gave me a Hershey bar—she too knows how I love chocolate. To top it all off, she cleaned the house! Is that a gift, or what!

My oldest daughter gave me the most adorable glass coasters with a picture of the boys spelling out LOVE by the shape of their bodies. There are four coasters—four letters in the word “love”. I’ll be posting a picture of them.

My son, bless his heart, sharpened all of my kitchen knives. I complain quite often about how dull they are. I think that they’ve been sharpened all of three times in the 25 years that we’ve been married.

My children have always been so very thoughtful and somehow, get me exactly what I want and do it in the most meaningful ways.

So, another year older and another year of great blessings. :)


Mrs. G said...

Happy happy birthday!!! How nice that you received such thoughtful, personal presents! You're blessed in so many ways just by focusing on what's *really* important in life!


Zebu said...

Thank you, Mrs. G. :)

Yes, I feel that I am truly blessed. Isn't it wonderful to have children and family? :)

Sarah Jane said...

Oh dear, I feel terrible that I am belated in wishing you a happy birthday! I visited your blog today and was so happy to find so many recent posts to catch up on! :) May God richly bless your coming year!

Thank you so much for your kind comments and your prayers regarding my pregnancy. I appreciate it more than you can know! God bless!

Zebu said...

Oh Sarah,

Thank you so very much! I truly appreciate the birthday wish, belated or not.

Blessings on your new year too, and that little one coming up. :)