Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday brought lots of snow and temperatures down to 2 degrees. After a frosty day out getting family pictures taken, we came back to our warm little home. I brought out my crafts and set about making more candles and soaps. (Thank you to Angie at The American Homemaker for the candle tips.)

My thrift-shop and dollar-store candles.

Heart candles setting up and pretty little heart-shaped bathroom soaps.

My little men than came over for Gramma to tend while Mama, Daddy, and Aunt Tia and friend went for an evening out. I thought that hot chocolate would feel good on little tummies on such a cold day. We had large mugs of the steaming beverage adorned with candy cane stir sticks. I gave them Precious Moments pages to color while I finished up my soap.

If I remember correctly, their Santa Clause bibs are from when Mama was little.

Baby Christian snoozed, if only for 20 minutes...

Grampa came up just in time to hold Baby and get a laugh while I cleaned up Adrien.

I love my babies with all my heart.


Mrs. G said...

Oh, your candles turned out so perfect! What a good feeling, huh? The babies are precious, you're blessed to be able to see them so often and be a part of their day to day lives.

Sarah Jane said...

What darling babies! (I love their names!) The candles are just lovely.

Zebu said...

Thank you ladies.

I DO love these little ones with all my heart. Little Julian, on the phone tonight, said, “I want to come to your house because I love you.” And then when we were hanging up, he said, "Have a werry wit-mas." Oh, I wish that I could have reached through the phone and hugged him!

Patricia said...

How precious...I can tell you adore those little men!