Thursday, December 11, 2008


It’s late in coming, but below is a picture of the old-time door vents (still can’t think of what they’re officially called) at my favorite get-away. This is the resort that we went to for Thanksgiving that I have been going to now for 35 years. I prefer to stay in the old rooms in the old brass beds. Some of the rooms have a sink, some a sink and stool, and some a full bath. This year, ours had just a sink and a shared bath down the hall.

Because they don’t have air conditioning, the vents above the doors could be opened to allow a cross draft with an open window on the other side of the room. Of course now days due to fire codes, these have all been sealed up with plywood. I miss the old days but am glad that they have at least preserved the overall look, for these doors hold wonderful memories for me.

My niece kissing my baby grandson, Christian.

Gramma and me. She's my only one left, and what a good one she is! I love Gramma with all my heart.


Mrs. G said...

Those "windows above the doors" are called transoms, I believe.


Zebu said...


You're exactly right! Thank you. :)