Saturday, January 30, 2010


It seems that when one does very well in a desired area, she fails in another…sigh. I don’t know if this is by design so that we should never be perfect, perhaps…? (I really do not think this to be the case).

Contrarily speaking, when I am excelling in one area, it is like inertia…The success keeps happening…So, I am perplexed a bit.

I did not get my exercise in today, and the budget is in a very sore state…


I nourished my body QUITE well for the day. This morning started out with my yummy 14-grain cereal. Oh, it is so delightful. The recipe was given to me by an old gentleman years ago. He in turn had received it from a man whose wife had been blessed with some extra healthy years while in cancer remission.

My current blend is probably more like 10-grain, I suppose, as I cannot seem to track down a few of the grains.

I thought it quite funny to see this recipe box for sale online listed as a “Vintage Recipe Tin”. Ha! It is the very one I use and have used since I received it as a wedding gift. And I KNOW I’m not THAT old as to be vintage. I suppose that it’s all subjective. ;)



One pound each of the following grains and seeds:

Sunflower seed
Alfalfa seed
Sesame seed
Mung beans
Flax seed
Brown rice

Almonds—Eight raw per serving

Mix all together and divide into 12 one-pound packages. Store in a cool place or freeze. Wheat should be 12% protein or better.

ALTERATION NOTES: I have changed my preparation methods a bit from his.

I mix the grains in smaller amounts than the one-pound quantities. It really doesn’t matter just as long as you have all of the grains in equal quantities.

Also, his recipe calls for leaving the wheat separate and adding ¼ cup of it to 1 heaping tablespoon of the multigrain mixture. I would rather have just as much of the other grains, so I add everything together. I cook up about ½ cup at a time. You can prepare more if you are feeding more than just yourself.

The recipe calls for grinding the grains in a blender. I prefer mine whole.

Soak grains in pure water over night. (I don’t currently have a water filter so use tap water). The whole point behind the recipe is maximum nutrition and purity.

Drain off water, rinse, and put into pan along with your almonds. Use a heavy stainless steel, cast iron, or glass pan. Do NOT use aluminum. Add water to cover. Bring to a boil then turn to medium low and simmer covered until crunchy tender. It is healthier to keep your grains as intact as possible.

Serve with cream and brown sugar. Oh, it is so delightful.


Fruit such as peaches or berries may be added or any dried fruits as well.

You may use raw honey instead of the brown sugar.

I really haven’t eaten this regularly in a very long time but will be definitely adding it to my diet now.

On a side note, I visited the naturopath last week for my first visit. She recommended that I eat more fiber and whole grains and handed me a recipe. It is almost identical to my 14-grain with the exception of adding lecithin granules and raisins and containing less than half the grains. It suggests to add fresh fruit and live culture yogurt to the cereal.


For lunch, I met Dad at a local healthfood store/café. Oh, I had the most delightful Gardener. It is a vegetarian sandwich with humus as the spread. The humus tasted as though it had turmeric or some such similar spice added. Cucumber slices, carrot shavings, sprouts, and other goodies were loaded onto sprouted wheat bread. To die for! It was served with citrus slaw, and I ordered a cup of their nummy clam chowder as well.


This morning before work, I put to cook some boneless skinless chicken breasts and potatoes in the crock pot. With a little salt, pepper, and chicken bouillon, it was made for quite a tasty and juicy dinner dish. I LOVE a crockpot. It is so nice to walk into your home in the evening with the aroma of dinner greeting you at the door!

Though chicken is a lean meat served this way, I do always worry about the preservatives, growth hormones, and antibiotics that I am ingesting. I KNOW that these things cause tumors and other bodily dis-ease.

For dessert, I had granola cereal and milk. I have quite a sweet tooth, and this satisfied the craving. I did also have a large muffin late evening.

Morning chores, which at this time are miniscule...



Carry soiled clothing to the hamper. Hang up other clothing. Put away any personal possessions out of place in the bedroom.

Make bed.

Were finally accomplished! The tidying of the bedroom before work is second nature to most, I am sure. This night owl, however, is doing good if she can get herself out of bed and out the door in the mornings!

It felt so very good to walk into a beautifully tidied and clean bedroom this evening (for some reason, my schedule got mixed up, and I cleaned it last night rather than its scheduled night).

Tonight’s chores are post poned. DD and family came for a visit, and by the time all was said and done, I didn’t summon up the energy to clean. While this is o.k. once in a while, I do not want to do it on an on-going basis, as this will just lead me straight back to procrastination and disorganization.

It was so wonderful to see my grandbabies. Oh, it just does my heart so good!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is up in the air. I have much work to do for work and then my house work, of course, etc. I also see that the snow has begun to melt enough that doggie’s doo-doos are showing up. I may be going out of town for a few hours with DD, grandbabies, and Mom to see Gramma. But, DS also has a marshal art’s tournament tomorrow. It is a rather small one so not extremely important that I be there. Nonetheless, I would probably like to be. So, we’ll see. It seems crazy to only have a day to fit everything into, for Sunday is the Sabbath, and then Monday is work again. Such is life.

Have a happy Saturday whatever YOU choose to do!

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