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I love the new year, and I cry at the old going out. The new year is fresh and welcoming and offers a time for change. Though I don’t subscribe to the only-make-new-goals-at-the-new-year doctrine, (one should make them as needed throughout the year), I encourage them and by nature, I like…No, I LOVE to achieve. So here we go!



At work, I am extremely organized and quite efficient—even very efficient, if I do say so myself. At home, well…the efficient part is there to a decent degree, but the organized thing…Wow, THAT has a LOT of work to be done! I’m tired of it, and it takes so much more time being unorganized. Why can I do it at work and not at home? Don’t have a clue. But, I’ve been flailing around for this past year trying quite hard to change my ways…ahem, no change yet. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” So, I’m trying again.

Two examples who inspire me are 50sgal at and Jitterbug at



I’ve always been a health nut. At the same time, I’ve always been a self-destroyer with such things as fast food, diet sodas, and the like. My body deserves to be treated well, and so I am trying harder.

I have also always liked natural remedies. Over the past five years or so, as stress has mounted and life has worn on me, I haven’t searched them out and immersed myself in them as I have wanted to and should have. So, most recently, I have begun my search. For almost a week now, I have been drinking apple cider vinegar and have been oil pulling with sesame oil. Yesterday, I added turmeric in warm milk---quite tasty. I also drink my cleansing health tea throughout the day and have been doing that now for three years. I love it! Thankfully, my two daughters are very health conscious as well, so we are able to encourage each other and also share recipes.

A wonderful site that I found is Earth Clinic. Check it out!


This really starts out with body and then merges with soul. Because stress has been so high for so long (I trace it back to when I returned to the work force full time 11-1/2 years ago) things have compounded. Injuries/trouble spots no longer heal over the weekend or at all, like they once did. With my mind tense, my body has become tense. Again, over years, these manifestations have taken their toll. Muscle tightening changes posture, which gives way to new maladies. Stress causes clenching of teeth, which wears on once good teeth. Physical work has caused carpel tunnel, ligamental laxity, tendonitis, bursitis, and overall pain.

I have always wanted to go to a naturopath, but insurance has never paid, or so I thought. Coincidently (?), I was perusing our insurance policy, and noticed that they happen to cover chiropractic. I have never had a good feeling for the practice, but, I was in need. I told my husband that this extreme stress was not good for my health and that I needed to do something NOW. I wasn’t going to wait any longer. So, I have started with my chiropractor…Love it. I have started with a therapeutic massage therapist. I have my first appointment with the naturopath in February. She will take care of my soul (not my spirituality), and she, the chiropractor, and the massage therapist will take care of my body. I am excited. I see new hope.

I was blessed with a strong constitution. Life, however, was sucking it out of me. I had to make this a priority. Do you see what I mean? Nothing will or can get in the way—money, time, excuses—if you REALLY want it. I cannot accept…No…DO NOT accept or allow the stress to rule my life any longer so, onward I go!


Yes, I do a great deal of internal…and some external…whining. I can no longer stay home and lovingly tend to my nest. I whine because it’s not fair. Why do I, who has the innate desire to mother and nurture both my family and my home, have to leave flock and nest and go out into the ugly soiled jungle to do somebody else’s dirty work? Makes no sense to me. Why can’t it be like it was before where hubby worked, mommy stayed home with babies, and life was good…Well, as good as it could get anyway. Now, my children are grown (wow, does it feel strange to say that—I’m really not that old!), but I still desire to be a homemaker. I’m old fashioned…Very Laura-Ingall-ish…Or, in a more recent decade…Very Bewitched-ish…And even more recent…Very Brady-Bunch-ish.

Do I think it’s doable? Yes. But, Hubby would have to agree, I would have to pay off MAJOR and I mean MAJOR debt that I incurred—having mostly nothing to do with him other than supporting our daughter in college. And, he would have to want to scrimp enough like we used to so that I could stay home. I know it’s doable. We used to do it, but…Well, for now, it is what it is, and I am signing in ink…Not in blood (I’m only human after all) to make the best of what I have. Here I go!

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