Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kitchen Cleaning and SNOW!

Yesterday morning didn’t see my chores done…Those mornings are just the tough ones for me…

Last night, however, saw much production. I got my kitchen cleaning done plus the china hutch cleaned out, china packed and put away up in the attic, and new décor put up. That felt really good, and walking into a clean kitchen today was wonderful.


Early Morning... (Nothing listed so available spot if needed)


Walk 30 minutes


Weekly cleaning of the kitchen:

Open windows top and bottom for free circulation of air, or open kitchen ventilator.

Rinse and stack dishes, pots and pans.

Check and reorganize foods; put away.

Collect all refuse and put in garbage can.

Wipe off top of refrigerator and all work surfaces in need of cleaning.

Brush crumbs from crumb tray of toaster. Clean outside with soap and water.

Wash dishes. Dry and put away, if not room to rinse with hot water and leave to dry.

Wipe off surface of range. Clean spilled food from drip pan or oven.

Dry damp work surfaces.

Dust radiator or register.

Take out garbage; put clean lining in garbage can.

Sweep floor. Gather up dust in pan.

Clean sink. Rinse dishcloth or mop; hang outdoors if possible.

Collect soiled towels; wash. Hang fresh towels.

My two week’s short-term goals were wiped away…certainly not to finished this week! We got so much snow that I couldn’t find the dog messes if I wanted to…

And...Because it snowed...Vacuuming and washing it is out…No, we do not have a usable garage.

I guess there is another form of clean…

Someone thought it would be funny to TOALLY bury my car in snow…The only thing visible is the side mirror on the passenger side...

And they made sure that it was packed down but good!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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