Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today was fairly organized, though I didn’t get as much work done as I had wanted. That’s o.k., it wasn’t terribly bad, and tomorrow’s another day!

Next week classes start up again, and it is my goal is to be ahead of things. Tuesdays are my really hectic days going between places, and I tend to get discombobulated. So, I will have my lesson prepared sooner than I have previously and hopefully go in Monday to get things organized.

My nourishing-my-body goal was a success today. I ate well…getting back to a better norm feels good. Before the holidays, I had fallen a little off track, and then during the holidays, stress got the better of me. It’s not necessarily that the holidays made me do it. It was more that I was just stressed. Well, at any rate, today was nuts, organic bread and butter, bananas, frosted mini wheats (wholesome goodness with a little sweet!) and some homemade hamburger soup. I love homemade soup on a cold and wintry day!

This is not my soup but looks ironically similar. I didn’t have beans or cauliflower in mine. I had a horrid camera that was a ditzy thing to try to use. So, wonderful Hubby bought us a much better one. Well, it’s just high-tech enough to where we have to read the ¼ booklet that came with it (hate reading instructions) before we can figure out to use it…sigh. Just pushing the button and focusing doesn’t quite seem to work…yet. So, I bowed to the great world wide web and found this tasty little dish that I’m sure tasted a bit like mine, though I’m SURE that mine was better! ;)

Of course, I also drank my health tea throughout the day along with my vinegar and honey in the morning, and now some warm milk and turmeric. Last night’s turmeric tea was awful! I don’t know why it tasted so bad, but it did, and I can eat and drink some pretty odd tasting stuff in the name of health. I am wondering if it wasn’t the straight skim milk that did it. The night before, I used the skim that we always drink and added half cream. Turmeric is supposed to assimilate better with fat (don’t know if that is true or not). So, in a few minutes, we’ll be trying the milk-cream version and see how it is……….Fast forward 15 minutes…….I am now trying the original version of half skim milk and half cream with a teaspoon of turmeric….Delightful! It is really rather creamy and soothing for a nighttime drink, though they say that turmeric keeps one up at night, so I may be moving this little cup o’ goodness to say…an afternoon tea?

Heat up your milk and cream...

Add about a teaspoon of your turmeric...Stir and enjoy

Exercise tonight consisted of what it usually does…walking the dog. It’s a great opportunity for me to get my exercise in while getting some of his energy out! I clip along at a pretty good pace while walking and take any inclines or hills that may be around, so it’s a pretty good little bit of exercise. Tonight, we went up to the temple to walk. Oh, how peaceful it was up there. The air was cold…-10…The sky was beautiful…The air was serene.

Now, if I can just get rid of this night owl in me…Hmmmm…He’s been with me for oh so many years. Would that the world would revolve around my circadian rhythm. But, alas, it does not. So until later, 'au revoir!

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