Monday, January 18, 2010

A SHORT-TERM GOAL…And I guess one that is actually part of my long-term Organizational goal…Is to finish putting my Serengeti room back together.


Two or three years ago, DD #1 and I…as a surprise for DD #2…Redid her bedroom while she was out of state. We thrifted, we self-made, we used discounts…And…We came up with a pretty awesome room. I wish that I had taken before pictures but didn’t. At any rate, the room had been painted an ugly light turquoise, by the previous owners, which I am sure was decades old and just gross.

We decided upon an African theme, as DD #2 is very much into wild cats and animals and the out-reaches of the continent. We pulled together National Geographic’s pictures from thrift stores and other assortments, which we thought to be appropriate for our/her room.

It was so much fun! The little people played and amazingly stayed out of the wet paint!

The irony of the whole thing was that the paint that I picked out, simply because I thought that it represented Africa, was coincidentally named Serengeti! How apropos!

DD liked her room and stayed there until she moved away again. Back yet a third time, this time with her boyfriend, they moved in and stayed with us for over a year, and while here, it was her boyfriend’s room. When they left, I let her take her daybed and a few other things that she needed. So with the room sort of changing and losing some its original elements, I have wanted to put it back into the Serengeti room that it once was.

This is a Hindu picture that, although not African, just seemed to fit...

So…Slowly…And as I have had time…I have been dusting and organizing. Tonight, while I talked to Mom for 45 minutes, I dusted and washed off shelves, statues, masks, and candle holders. I smoothed the tall candles by rubbing the outsides with a soft cloth. I usually do something while I’m on the phone. Gramma was always that way, and I guess it just rubbed off on me. This way, I can kill two birds with one stone…Have a nice conversation with someone I love and also get to accomplish something worthwhile.

Are these inspiring or what...? Wow, I am simply amazed at this wonderful Earth...

In not too long, my room will be finished and ready once again…For relaxation with a nice hot cup of herbal tea…Ahhhh


This doesn’t fall into bodily nourishment in the form of sustenance but rather exercise. My exercise is two-fold…

First fold…I turn many normal activities into exercise. In other words, I attempt to incorporate exercise into each day.

I almost ALWAYS take the stairs regardless of the number of flights it is. The times I don’t are if I am on a tight schedule and didn’t leave enough time for myself or if I have too much of a load to carry up or am with one of my grandbabies (they love those elevators you know).

I park a distance from the store when shopping, giving me extra healthy steps to take.

I tighten various muscles when doing regular activities…This helps to tone them.

Second fold…I try to walk at least four times a week. My excuse is that my pup REALLY needs exercise…He’s a devil to deal with if he doesn’t get it! So, if I have just a short break while working, or if time doesn’t allow for a long walk, we’ll do a 15-minute brisk walk. I try to shoot for at least 20, as this way your metabolism has actually had time to get pumped up. Other days, I get a good half-hour walk in, and still others, we are able to do 45 minutes. Regardless, some is better than none!

I’ll have some new organizational goals for this week…Hopefully to be posted soon!

Have a great Monday All!

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