Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I am taking my example from Jitterbug over at Destination 1940. She has used, for the past year plus, a routine from a 1940’s housekeeping book to get her house organized. This book was intended for a woman who didn’t work outside the home, so Jitterbug, who does work outside, has tailored the plan to fit her schedule. I in turn will be tailoring it to fit mine.

I am quite excited about this and feel that it will aide me greatly in my goal of home organization. I am taking small bites, however, as I am the quarter horse…Great and fast at short-distances, but those long ones are the challenging ones…Of course, I DO love a good challenge!

So, before I layout the every-day routine, I am setting some one-chunk goals just for this week. I am in such a heap of disorganization that without breaking it down into smaller chunks, I will just continue to feel despair.

So…This is what I have decided…Just for this week…

IN-THE-HOUSE GOAL…There are SO many areas to organize in my house…The one that bothers me the most (and that is how I have prioritized my goal to pick for this week)…is The Bedroom. It’s not that it is horrendously dirty, it’s rather that this is the room I come home to relax in each evening, so I want a nice calming room to walk in to.

I will…

Clear out any un-necessary items
Sweep and Vacuum

OUTSIDE GOAL…My car! It needs a detailing, really, and has bothered me for some time. You know how there are those things that affect how your day goes? Well, this is one of them.

I will…

Throw out any garbage
Clean and polish interior
Wash outside

Note: The author of the 1940s housekeeping book, it appears, divided her day into Morning, Early Forenoon, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Late Evening. Because I am not generally home all day as she was, I am combining chores as I need to. Jitterbug may have added the exercise walking of 30 minutes. I will continue with my walking routine.

Jitterbug has had such success with her schedule...

"What a morning! Just a sample of the chaos my household used to run on - and had for ages. My kitchen, my wardrobe, my pocketbook... There's no way I'm going back to that place. Ever. My new routine may be a bit more work everyday, but it also brings a kind of serenity along with it that I've become accustomed to in a very short time." Destination 1940s

Here is what I will be starting with...




Drink one big glass of water (Here is where I substitute my health tea. I drink 32 ounces at a time)

Wash face gently but thoroughly with a clean washcloth, cleansing cream, and plenty of warm water. Splash on cold to tone the skin - and open the eyes!

Brush teeth carefully.

Brush all the nighttime tangles from hair, and comb carefully into place, pinning securely.

Pat on a bit of powder to take away that soap-and-water shine (Here I will substitute my own make-up routine).

Put on some bright, pretty lipstick, making the edges neat and blotting away the excess.

Take a last look in the mirror, to be sure you’re impeccable from top to toe.

Carry soiled clothing to the hamper. Hang up other clothing. Put away any personal possessions out of place in the bedroom.

Make bed.

Late Evening

Put living room in order.

Out of your clothes and into the tub - coat yourself thoroughly with a sudsy lather, and don't spare the elbow grease. Rinse well, doing face separately with water from the faucet.

Rub yourself dry, so that you tingle all over and chest and back turn a healthy pink.

Brush and floss teeth carefully.

Down with a nice, long glass of water - and so to bed.


Early Morning (Nothing listed so available spot if needed)


Walk 30 minutes

Early Evening

Light marketing


Weekly cleaning of bedroom

Open windows top and bottom for free circulation of air.

Remove all bed covers; stretch over end of bed, or over chairs, off the floor. Remove soiled bed linen; place near door to be taken out. Place mattress pad over chair near window to air.

Collect bric-a-brac that need polishing or washing.

Bring in cleaning equipment: carpet sweeper or vacuum cleaner (according to need), dust mop, dust cloth. Bring in fresh bed linens.

Turn mattress top to bottom one week, and end to end the next week. Make bed.

Dust high objects if necessary (mantels, high shelves, window frames and sills, tops of bookcases, etc.).

Dust radiators covers if necessary.

Brush upholstery if necessary. Straighten covers. Plump up pillows.

Dust furniture and low objects if necessary.

Dust exposed wood flooring with dust mop if necessary. Use carpet sweeper or vacuum cleaner on rugs or carpets.

Polish or wash accessories and return to place with other objects removed during cleaning.

Final touches: Straighten draperies, shades, curtains, etc. Take out cleaning equipment and waste basket. Bring back clean ash trays, flowers and waste basket. Close windows if desired.

How interesting that I am starting on Wednesday, and the Wednesday task just happens to be my inside goal for the week…The Bedroom!


Mrs. G said...

What a nifty idea, good luck with it! I am a horrible organizer, I love organization but can't quite accomplish it in reality. :-)

Zebu said...

Well thank you Mrs. G. I too love organization, and up until this point, it has always seemed to evade me...at home anyway.