Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yesterday's plan... wasn’t real successful, but I tried, and that’s what counts…

If at first you don't succeed...

Give it another shot!

My mom invited me to dinner for my sister’s birthday…It was a fun girls’ night out…My sister…My niece…And my mom.

When I got home, my daughter came over to visit and show us her martial-arts’ moves…Then, she and my son, who is a high brown belt, sparred a bit. It was fun to watch…Makes a mama proud…

I put Mr. Dog outside while there was activity in the house, and he ended up being out there for quite awhile while the kids played around…

Well, apparently it was too long for him, as he chose to dig a large hole in the flower bed and kick the dirt all over the sidewalk…Needless to say, his paws and nose were very muddy and had to washed and dried…Grrrrrrrrrrr

So, by the time all was said and done, it WAS 11:00 p.m., and I still had my bedroom to clean. Of course I didn’t feel like doing it, and it was pretty late. I didn’t want, however, to not do anything…That just leads to a sense of failure.

So, I just tidied up and then put on some nice clean sheets…

By the day’s end, I had had some time with family, which is the most important thing that there is…And nice fresh clean sheets to crawl into…Ahhhhhh.

As far as my short-term goal of putting the Serengeti room back in order...I decided to postpone. The yard is in horrible shape what with the snow melting and dog messes showing themselves all over the place. So, that is my revised short-term goal for the week, along with cleaning my car.

Today’s plan... met with more success. While I didn’t get my night clothes hung up or...*blush*…my bed made (gramma would have a fit!), I did get my night-time chores done.


Early Morning (Nothing listed so available spot if needed)


Walk 30 minutes


Weekly cleaning of the living room:

Bring in cleaning equipment: hearth broom (if not kept at fireplace), carpet sweeper or vacuum cleaner (according to need), dust mop, cleaning basket.

In season, clean out fireplace, lay fire, sweep hearth.

Dust high objects if necessary: mantels, high shelves, window frames and sills, tops of bookcases, secretary, highboys, etc.

Dust radiator covers if necessary.

Brush upholstery if necessary. Straighten covers. Plump up pillows.

Dust furniture and low objects if necessary. Treat stains or blemishes as they occur.

Dust exposed wood flooring with dust mop if necessary. Use carpet sweeper or vacuum cleaner on rugs or carpets.

Final touches: Straighten draperies, shades, curtains, etc. Take out cleaning equipment and waste basket. Return clean ash trays, accessories, flowers and waste basket. Close windows if desired.

So...All was accomplished, including the lamp shade washed and a little Valentine decorating…

Happy Friday All!

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