Sunday, November 16, 2008



Well, my children and I met last evening and decided that we would cut our Christmas stress down by doing the following: 1) Rather than everyone buying for everyone else, with the inherent joy yet much stress, we will draw names this year for the very first time. 2) We can make the gift(s), buy them used, or whatever we wish, but it must not cost more than $20. 3) All gifts must be wrapped in plain brown paper wrapping.

For the little children, we (Grampa and I) will purchase either a learning game or something useful—not just another plastic toy that will soon lose its savor. We have chosen to buy them each of our little men new church suits.

For Grampa and Gramma (my parents), we will all go in on a gift. My dad is my soul mate. He, too, wishes to live in a simpler time and yearns for the days of yore. I have found a wonderful site, that carries replicas, hand-made, some imports, and Amish-made items. They feature non-electric appliances, kerosene lamps, and many other old-time necessities. I think that he will delight in these. We’ll find something special for Mom as well.

It will be a different Christmas for sure. It may take some getting used to, as we are all spoiled by the worldliness that this holiday has become. That isn’t the essence of this special time of year, however, and I am so excited rather than stressed for a change! Thank the Lord for His goodness. I love Him so very much, and love to teach my little men of Him and His love.


Mrs. G said...

I think your Christmas plans sound wonderful! Last year we made all of out tree decorations: gingerbread animals, popcorn strings etc and when we were ready to take it out we left it decorated and the birds had a feast! BTW, Lehmans is about 10 minutes away from us. ;-)

Zebu said...

Thank you, Mrs. G. Your Christmas tree idea is wonderful. I'm jealous that you're that close to Lehmans! I have been searching high and low for Fels Naptha soad. They have it, but I am trying to avoid shipping. I'll most likely get it from them, though, if I can't find it locally.