Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am so excited for my new swimsuit. I guess that I may have already mentioned it, but if not…Every year, we go to a hot springs rustic “resort” for Thanksgiving. We have been going at different times of the year for 35 years now. My Grampa went when it was a hospital years ago. People would come for the comfort of the natural hot springs. Over the years, the proprietors have kept the pastoral nature of this wonderful place. Though they now have very nice modernized rooms of different sorts, this inn still does not offer televisions or phones—what a nice change! There is one payphone in the lobby near the fireplace for guests to use.

As this wonderful lodge holds so many memories, I still love to stay in the “old” rooms. They come with either an in-room bath and stool (tub down the hall), a sink (tub and stool down the hall), or just the bed (bathroom down the hall). When I was growing up, there wasn’t air conditioning; you would just open the wooden vent slat above the door and the outside window to get a cross-ventilation. Well, today, these rooms still don’t have air conditioning, but due to fire code, the vents (can’t think of the proper name) had to be sealed off.

The best entertainment at this lodge is sitting in the warm water while it’s snowing outside. Many evenings have been spent with Grandma and Grampa, Mom, Dad, and siblings playing in the water.

This year, though I am very excited about going, I had not been looking forward to donning a bathing suit and letting it all hang out. Though I wear a one-piece, for some reason this year more than others, it seemed so immodest to wear a swimming suit after being mostly covered up the rest of year. So, online I went. I found a wonderful place called Modest Swimwear Solutions These ladies offer sensible swimming suits that are either hand-made, tailor-made, or sold by the pattern for you to sew. Below is a picture from their web page, which shows the garmets.


Sarah Jane said...

What a lovely swimming suit! I feel the same way you do about being covered up. Your suit is lovely and modest and feminine, I love it! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! :)

Zebu said...

Hi Sarah Jane, you're welcome. I am so happy that I have found these wonderful blogs with people who view life as I do. You don't find that just every day. My suit has a red-with-black-background flowered top and solid black leggings. I thought that maybe it would come today, but it hasn’t yet. I can’t wait to get it and try it on. It will be interesting to see the comments that I get. I’m actually expecting some negative ones, but we’ll see!

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