Friday, November 21, 2008


So, this is our get-a-way. This picture shows the old original wing of rooms. It is much expanded now out the back and on the side where the picture is taken from. I can't wait to go. Things have been so stressful with school and work and indecisions, that I just want to go relax. It used to be a relatively quiet place, but with advertising and many years of word-of-mouth, it has gotten very popular. I liked it better when just a few hundred people knew about it; it made it more special. Oh well, we'll still have a good time. :)


Mrs. G said...

That looks like an absolutely beautiful spot, the mountains are breathtaking! I hope your Thanksgiving is restful for you!


Zebu said...

Mrs. G,

Thank you. It is wonderful, and the special memories that go with it make it even more special. :)