Sunday, November 23, 2008


We have a really neat second-hand store in town that sells day-to-day as well as vintage clothing. DH and I went there looking for an overcoat for Elliott. It’s such a fun shop to poke around in! I asked the owner if I could take some pictures, and she was happy to oblige.


Mrs. G said...

I don't have your e-mail so I didn't know how else to get this to you but... you asked about reenactments on Amy's blog so I thought I'd direct you here. Since you're LDS I thought this might be up your alley. The site is owned by fellow LDS'er Liz Clark who also runs the Sewing Academy that so many of us talk about. Enjoy! (and feel free to delete this message from your blog!)

Zebu said...

Mrs. G,

Thank you very much ;) I guess I don't know how to give you my email without posting it on the net...? I'm glad you posted this for me to see. :)