Friday, November 28, 2008


What a beautiful entry placed by Peggy Hostetler on The Simple Woman, November 13, 2008. She writes in part, “I believe it is a gift from God we receive when we praise him for the nest we have, not only the nest itself, but for the nesting spirit.”

How I yearn to exercise this very nesting spirit which is in me! I have had it since I was but a small girl. It is so very hard having to work outside of the home and to worry about the bills that never end and the schedule that it entails. Due to my absence, my poor humble abode suffers for lack of love and care. How I yearn to stay at home full time and care for and clean and cook and perform the other domesticities of which I am so fond. But, alas, I must make the best of the circumstances in which I abide. I have many blessings and must use my time more efficiently to better satisfy this homemaker’s spirit.

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